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Jenga the Sitting Giraffe

Jenga the Sitting Giraffe


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Dimension: H 37.2 x W 18.5 x D 45.28 in

Jenga the Sitting Giraffe, an awe-inspiring sculpture designed by the talented artist Aaron Jackson. This magnificent creation is part of the new releases for July 2023 and belongs to the Earth Collection. Jenga the Sitting Giraffe draws inspiration from the diverse natural surfaces found on our Earth, resulting in a truly captivating design. Standing at 3ft 1in in height, 1ft 7in in width, and 3ft 9in in depth, this sculpture commands attention and brings the grace and majesty of a giraffe to life. Add a touch of the wild to your surroundings with Jenga the Sitting Giraffe and experience the beauty of nature in a unique and artistic form.
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